3 Super Bowl Fails That Have Nothing To Do With Football

Football Stadium at Dusk

As Super Bowl LIII approaches we can’t help but step back and remember all the great, and not so great, Super Bowl memories. We could create a list of dropped passes, missed calls, and girlfriends (cough Giselle cough) calling out their man’s teammates post game. The fails we find the most entertaining are the ones that have nothing to do with football.

Fail #1: Undercover Cop, Underscored Game

The Falcons dropped the Super Bowl XXXIII 34-19 after an unfortunate situation with a member of their team the night before. Eugene Robinson wanted a pep-talk… of sorts… the night before the game. Unfortunate for him the lovely lady he asked for his ‘pep-talk’ was that of an undercover cop.

Falcon’s defended their teammate by stating: “Guys have been going there all week, it’s just that Eugene was the only one who got caught”

It even gets better, Eugene was awarded the Bart Starr award the day prior to his transgression for his high moral character. Can we say ironic? I think yes.


Fail #2: Sports Game, Not An Award Show

It’s common practice for reporters prior to the red carpet for an award show to inquire on the designer of a dress, the costume changes, and shoe choice. Even though the Super Bowl boasts about a kickass halftime show, and succeeds with it most of the time, it doesn’t exist in the same league as the Oscars.

Yet Julie Brown seemed slightly disoriented at the press day for Super Bowl XXVIII. She asked Emmitt Smith about what he had planned to wear for the game. Ouch. Female sports journalists will be shaking their heads at that one for years to come, we still are 14 years later.


Fail #3: Voice of an Angel.. or a Recording?

Let’s make a list of songs that we have sung the most often: 1. Happy Birthday, 2. Don’t Stop Believing, and 3. The National Anthem (in no particular order). I am sure you’ve mastered the notes and pitch of those three and you aren’t even a pro! So why can’t someone with a voice that will be celebrated for ages sing the anthem without a hitch? I guess we will never know.

Sorry, Whitney Houston – I think we noticed. Apparently, they pre-recorded the track so no mistakes were to happen on live television. Despite the explanation,  Super Bowl XXV will still rest in our fails category.













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