A Look at the LA Kings 2014 Championship Ring


The Stanley Cup is one of the most well know trophies in the world. Once won it travels around the world with each victorious player during the off-season and could tell (we’re sure) some very interesting stories!

Another tradition is the winning team receives its Championship Rings prior to the next season at a party. The 2014 LA Kings ring is something quite unique compared to prior years when the rings looked quite similar for each champion.

World-renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. created these rings. They feature a 32mm width as well as 136 stones (wow).  The players individual name/number appear on the rings right side with the other side showing an image of the Stanley Cup and the teams playoff record (16-10). Additionally the team’s playoff matchups and series wins are recorded on the inside of each ring.

One of the more unique and eye-catching features of the ring is actually on the underside of the band. In a sign of the times and a blur between sports and social media each player was asked to provide a #hashtag for their individual rings.  Mike Richards elected for the thumbs up (pictured) where Jake Muzzin elected for a hockey analytics term that recently earned him a big contract. But maybe the most unique would be Marian Gaborik and Jeff Carter both traded to the Kings by the Columbus Blue Jackets stating #THXLUBUS – quite fitting we must say!

Championship Jewelry is our passion at Legend Rings, whether you’re the LA Kings or have won a Division 3 Flag Football title we believe a Championship Ring is a perfect way to celebrate. 

Contact us if you want to celebrate like the pros do! Your ring will be a source of pride and great memories for a lifetime, we promise.  

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