Athletes Turned Artists: 5 Athletes Who Became Famous For Something Other Than Sports


The average career span for a professional athlete is a decade. Although some variance may occur, most of the time athletes are retired and looking for something to take up their time by their 30’s. Luckily for these five athletes, they discovered that they possessed a talent for more than just sports. These five athletes turned artists demonstrate the capabilities of our professional sports players to adapt to change, and create it. We are a little disappointed though, where are all the football players turned dancers? We’re on the lookout!

5 Athletes Turned Artists:

Kobe Bryant

It was a tough day for all basketball players alike when the legendary Kobe Bryant announced his retirement in prose. Many fans around the world were devastated by the loss of his magic on the court, however, others found a new sort of magic in the prose. Glen Keane, John Williams, and Kobe Byrant created a short film based upon his poem ‘Dear Basketball’ and it won an Oscar! Way to go Kobe! Read the poem here. 

Dwayne Johnson

Although ‘The Rock’ is best known now for his professional acting career, he was also a semi-professional wrestler before his big Hollywood debut. Better yet he is a triple threat because he also played professional football for the CFL Calgary Stampeders in 1995. Acting, Wrestling, Football – this guy has done it all.

Chad Brownlee

There is not a single entry on this list that is more stereotypically Canadian than Mr. Chad Brownlee. Born in the beautiful British Columbia, Chad created a career as a defenceman in hockey then became a country music artist. It seems he was able to use his hockey career riddled with injuries to inspire some powerful music, causing him to get nominated for a JUNO in 2013 for the Country Music Album of the Year Award.

Terry Bradshaw

Although this former NFL Quarterback is best known for his football career, he also is quite a television personality! He was able to win four Superbowl titles in 6 years, and the hearts of all of America with his acting personality. Just make sure to cover your children’s eyes when watching ‘Failure to Launch’ or else they may see a little more than expected of this NFL Hall of Fame winner.

Richard Sullivan

Former professional Baseball player for the Atlanta Braves turned watercolour artist – Richard Sullivan has it all. He became a part of history with the Atlanta Braves both for his baseball skills, but also forever in their new Stadium as he was commissioned to created 18 paintings and 20 prints. These pieces of art are now displayed in the corridors of the Champions Suite and Executive Offices. We think one of his creations would be a great addition to a man-cave, don’t you agree?

Find out more about his art here.

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