Big Time Sports on the Small Screen – 10 Sports Shows You Should Watch


Looking for a new show to get into? Here are a few of our favorites from past and present. From real life docu-series that follow teams to dramas – there’s something on our list for just about everyone. This list primarily focuses on shows related to football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.


We will start out with the show we are most excited to see the next season of. Last Chance U is a Netflix docu-series that follows football players, coaches and staff at a community college. Most of these players are cast-offs from NCAA D1 programs, let go for their academic or off-the-field disciplinary issues. For these players, JUCO (Junior College) is their last chance at a football career. Many of the players featured on the show come from disadvantaged backgrounds so the show touches on everything from football to cultural subjects.

As mentioned we are excited for the 3rd season of this show to come out. The first two seasons of this show featured the East Mississippi Community College Lions. This season, the show shifts to the Independence Community College Pirates in Independence, Kansas. We had the privilege of creating the Pirates 2017 KJCCC (Kansas Jayhawks Community College Conference) Championship rings. We are looking forward to a behind-the-scenes look at all the work that was put in the season that culminated in winning those rings.

Nominated for an Emmy in 2017, Last Chance U has received praise from everyone from legendary SB Nation college football writer Jason Kirk to comedian/actor Ricky Gervais.


Based off the book, and movie before it, Friday Night Lights is the fictional portrayal of high school football coach, Eric Taylor’s life in small town Texas. With a strong cast, unique production style and different approach to marketing, Friday Night Lights garnered a dedicated fanbase. It was because of this fanbase that the show was able to continue when NBC was thinking of cancelling it. Friday Night Lights was groundbreaking because it showed life in middle America in a way that wasn’t shown on television before.


This docu-series gives a behind the scenes look at a different college football program each year. While the first two seasons (featuring Notre Dame and Florida State) were interesting, the third season which features Navy has been perhaps the most fascinating because the players have to blend football, academics and preparing for naval service.


Featuring Dwayne Johnson (or The Rock), this fictional HBO series follows a retired NFL superstar turned agent, as he helps manage and mentor a bevy of friends turned clients, as they work their way through the dramas that come with being an NFL ‘baller’.

ONE TREE HILL | THE CW | 2003-2012

One of the greatest teen dramas of all-time. One Tree Hill is the fictional story of two very different half-brothers who form a bond over basketball. The storyline takes them through high school, college and much more. Similar to Friday Night Lights’ ability to showcase small-town Texas’ (and America in general) love for football, One Tree Hill showcases small-town North Carolina’s (and again, America in general) love for the game of basketball.


This show has been replaced with “Road To The NHL Winter Classic”, jumping around networks a couple of times – appearing on EPIX (2014-2016) and NBCSN (2017). But, it’s never been the same since the first two season on HBO. At that time, the show featured a real behind-the-scenes look at the NHL, great music and the stunning cinematography you would expect from an HBO series. The first two seasons featured Bruce Boudreau flying off the handle at his team during an intermission (Season 1, Capitals vs Penguins) and the craziness that was Ilya Bryzgalov (Season 2, Flyers vs Rangers).

30 FOR 30 | ESPN | 2009-PRESENT

The show that started as part of ESPN’s 30th anniversary has turned into something pretty special. This ESPN docu-series tells different stories throughout sports history, interviewing people closest to the story. Oftentimes, these stories tell a bigger narrative beyond sports and athleticism. The series started with The King’s Ransomdetailing the story of Wayne Gretzky’s departure from Edmonton (Legend Rings’ hometown) and has gone on from there to become a staple in the sports doc-series scene.


Produced by Will Ferrell and starring Danny McBride, this comedic series is about a disgraced former major leaguer returning to his hometown to teach physical education as he looks to make a comeback. It’s the type of obnoxious comedy show you’d expect it to be – with lots of recognizable faces: Will Ferrell, Adam Scott, Matthew McConaughey, Jason Sudeikis, Craig Robinson, Michael Peña, just to start.


A docu-series that follows former NBA star Rodrick Rhodes as he coaches a basketball team in Eastern Kentucky. The team features many players who relocated from New York to play on the team and the show fully confronts on the racial divide in America.


Hard Knocks is a docu-series that follows a different NFL team each season through training camp as they prepare for the upcoming season. Last season featured the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This season, the cameras follow the Cleveland Browns as they look to improve upon a horrendous season with new GM John Dorsey, a bunch of new high-profile faces via offseason trades and transaction, as well as #1 draft pick, QB Baker Mayfield.

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