3 Super Bowl Fails That Have Nothing To Do With Football

Football Stadium at Dusk

As Super Bowl LIII approaches we can’t help but step back and remember all the great, and not so great, Super Bowl memories. We could create a list of dropped passes, missed calls, and girlfriends (cough Giselle cough) calling out their man’s teammates post game. The fails we find the most entertaining are the ones that have…

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Coach of the Year: Contest Information

Baseball Coach

As the year comes to a close the Legend Rings Coach of the Year contest is starting to ramp up! Over the past month, we have received some amazing entries from so many different sports teams. Coaches ranging from Football to Baseball to Track, and even Cheerleading! Running a contest to appreciate the amazing coaches…

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6 Legendary Coaches Who Weren’t Good As Players

Football Coaches - Legend Rings

It’s a bit of a mystery why elite players often make terrible coaches. For whatever reason, they do – it’s quite the phenomenon. Two prime examples of this are Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson. While it might not be as obvious, this phenomenon works the other way too. There is a plethora of legendary coaches…

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What you missed in the first 2 weeks of the 2018 NFL season

Football - Legend Rings

From the emergence of Patrick Mahomes to the continuing mishaps of the Cleveland Browns – it’s been a busy first couple of weeks in the NFL. Here’s our highlights of everything you need to know from week 1 and 2 of the 2018 NFL season… Tie Games Are So Hot Right Now Tie games are…

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Other Names To Know In The CFL Besides Johnny Manziel

You might only know one name in the CFL – Johnny Manziel. Which means that you are likely a new fan of the league. As a Canadian company (we are based in Edmonton – home of the Eskimos) that has had the privilege of creating championship rings for many US college and high school football…

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8 Elite QBs Not Drafted in the 1st Round


Congratulations to Baker Mayfield (#1 overall), Sam Darnold (#3 overall), Josh Allen (#7 overall), Josh Rosen (#10 overall) and Lamar Jackson (#32 overall). This year’s first round in the NFL Draft was a big one for quarterbacks. The last time 5 QBs were taken in the first round, it was 1999. Of those, Daunte Culpepper…

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Before the XFL: The Rise & Fall of the USFL


Before the XFL: The Rise & Fall of the USFL Earlier this week, Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL, a football league that lasted all of one season back in 2001. Over the past week there’s been a resurgence of talk about the XFL, its fight to become a respectable league within the…

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Who’s the best NFL playoff coach of all-time?

Throughout the history of the NFL there have been plenty of talented coaches. It takes a certain something for a coach to not only be successful during the regular season, but to also push this success into the post season when it really matters. Here are 4 all-time great NFL playoff coaches… Vince Lombardi Vince…

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If you can only watch 5 Bowl Games in 2017/18, watch these ones


We’ll start off by noting we don’t include any of the New Year’s Six games in this article. All of those are bound to be fantastic games – yes, even the craziness that could be the Orange Bowl (#6 Wisconsin vs. #10 Miami). We should also mention that all Bowl games are great and you…

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Make Your Own College Football Play Call Cards


College football play card signs serve 2 main purposes. The first, they enable players to digest complex play calls at higher speeds (by breaking things up into simple and memorable symbols). This means that they can speed up the offense. The second thing they do is make excellent social media posts. We’ve handpicked some of…

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