Prince Albert Raiders Win Title in Over-Time Win!

From their initial season in the SJHL the Prince Albert Raiders were a powerhouse winning seven Anavet Cups before being granted an expansion franchise by the WHL in the early 80’s. They’ve become known as a WHL team that produces all-stars, with some drafted in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft. Their team…

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NHL and NBA Playoff Recap 2019: The Second Week

Spring has sprung and play-offs have begun! If you’ve been too busy to keep track of the NBA and NHL games this past week don’t worry, Legend Rings is here with your bite-sized second-week playoff updates. NBA How it works: The Top 8 teams in both the East and West NBA Conferences qualify for the…

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Coach Of The Year: What Has Happened So Far!

  As we are in the midst of the first annual Legend Rings Coach Of The Year Contest, we can’t help but look back on all the amazing nominee’s, participants, and coaches who have been part of this madness! Coach Of The Year -Beginnings It all started on November 15th, 2018 when Legend Rings announced…

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New Year, New Coach: 3 Coaches Who Were Fired in 2018


Most people make their resolutions and get started on the first day of the year, however, these teams chose to not follow suit and shake it up before the year was over. What better way to shake up a team than to replace the person who runs it? A coach plays a massive role in…

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Coach of the Year: Contest Information

Baseball Coach

As the year comes to a close the Legend Rings Coach of the Year contest is starting to ramp up! Over the past month, we have received some amazing entries from so many different sports teams. Coaches ranging from Football to Baseball to Track, and even Cheerleading! Running a contest to appreciate the amazing coaches…

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The History of Championship Rings

Championship Rings

Let’s take a quick peek into the legendary history of championship rings.   They seem like they’ve been around forever… but little did we know Championship Rings are a relatively modern, but necessary, way of celebrating a big win. The First Championship Ring: Players in the early 20th Century were usually given mementos such as…

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6 Legendary Coaches Who Weren’t Good As Players

Football Coaches - Legend Rings

It’s a bit of a mystery why elite players often make terrible coaches. For whatever reason, they do – it’s quite the phenomenon. Two prime examples of this are Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson. While it might not be as obvious, this phenomenon works the other way too. There is a plethora of legendary coaches…

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You’d Never Guess the Four (or more) Legged Invaders During These Sport Games!

5 Highest Paid Athletes - Legend Rings

One can’t deny the presence of animal like people in sports – Usain Bolt is fast like a cheetah, Connor McDavid is as agile as a hawk. Yet these animal qualities are not the only furry friends making an appearance in sports, check out the five craziest animal encounters in sport games! It’s said Randy…

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Longest Losing Streaks in Sports

Football Losing Streaks

Dilly Dilly! The Cleveland Browns finally won a game for the first time in what felt like forever in week 3 against the New York Jets. The sports world went nuts, the internet was in shock, Bud Light gave out free beer to the people of Cleveland, and even non-sports fans were talking about the…

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Famous Athletes Who Knew Each Other As Kids

Ever wonder which athletes knew each other as kids? Which pros played together on the same team in high school? There’s so many stories of star athletes who knew each other when they were young. Here are 7 instances of sports star connections from a young age that caught our attention. AMARI COOPER, TEDDY BRIDGEWATER,…

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