Championship Rings – Inspire the Winner!


Championship Sports Rings are a source of pride for both individuals and teams. These rings are a way of remembering epic battles and thrilling victories. The trend of awarding championship rings is not new, but is now becoming more common every day.

Championship rings are presented to the winning teams and it’s players in all major North American amateur and professional sports. Beyond the actually players many coaches, trainers, scouts and even family members share in the glory with a championship ring. North American sports leagues differentiate themselves from the Olympics and European club associations by their distribution of championship rings, while the other associations distribute medals and/or trophies in place of championship rings. The trend of awarding championship rings is now also followed by middle/high schools and college sports teams.

There is nothing more prized to a player than winning a championship and the rings are a real honor for them. Wearing that ring symbolizes that championship and is a giant source of pride. Even as time passes looking at those rings will bring you right back to that moment of victory.

Typically a customized championship ring will include the team’s logo, description of the championship and the individuals name and number. The ring distribution to the winning team members usually takes place at a group gathering or ceremony where they can celebrate their victory once again. At Legend Rings teams can purchase ready-made designs, or can customize their own championship rings with virtually anything they can dream of. Custom championship rings are a special gift for all sports fans and champions alike. They are truly a prized keepsake that will last a lifetime.

Our Legacy Builders here at Legend Rings have passion for helping you customizing your very own championship ring. Complete our Inquiry Form to get started today!

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