Coach Of The Year Top 16 Finalists: All About The Coaches

Coach of the Year Bracket


Welcome to the voting round of the Legend Rings Coach Of The Year Contest! We are so honoured to have received over one-hundred entries for amazing coaches in your communities. With the help of your testimonials, we are excited to announce our Top 16 Coach Of The Year contenders. Winner of the Legend Rings Coach Of The Year contest will receive a custom championship ring celebrating their legendary status and a framed photo of the coach celebrating their achievement.


Voting for the winner will occur over on the Legend Rings Instagram page via Instagram stories, and on the Legend Rings Twitter account using polls! All voting brackets will be open for 24hrs giving you more than enough time to cast your ballot and support some inspiring coaches. Coaches will be paired up, starting with 8 different vote competitions and move forward in pairs until our final matchup! We will be announcing the coaches who have moved on to the next round on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as when their voting matchup will take place; make sure you follow to stay updated with all the details of the contest!

Get to know our coaches:

Ryan Rechner

Coach of the Year - Ryan Rechner

Ryan Rechner describes himself (via twitter bio) as a full-time coach, father of one handsome boy, and a happy husband. As the head coach of the Leduc Midget AAA Hockey team in Alberta, Canada he has led the rebuilding team to a respectable position while advancing several players onto the next level of their hockey career already this season! You go, Ryan!

Clara Shipp

Coach of the Year - Clara Shipp

Although not a coach of a sports team, Clara coaches individuals to reach their fitness dreams. She creates a community over her social media platforms focusing on helping people achieve their goals, we think that is a pretty legendary coaching story!

Bobby Rome

Coach of the Year - Bobby Rome

Bobby Rome is the head football coach at Virginia University of Lynchburg. Based on the many testimonials submitted celebrating Bobby Rome we know his players feel that he has not only taught them how to win but also how to win the right way. He has ultimately changed the culture of the team through his coaching style, how legendary!

Chad Hening

Coach of the Year - Chad Heinig

Chad started the Michigan Patriots Semi-Pro team in 2017 with a record of 0-10, however, his unwavering dedication to the team and the players helped them the next season with a current record of 14-4. Woah! Those who nominated him say that ” his dedication and vision, along with his honesty and integrity attracted so many players to a winless team and inspired a turnaround that is almost unheard of in Semi-Pro football.”

Chris Weeks

As the coach of the Virginia Storm football team Coach Chris Weeks makes it to our Top 16 due to the powerful testimonials submitted by his team. One wrote “He pushes us to be the best people we can be on and off the field. He makes us feel like we’re a family not just a team, he’s definitely one of the best coaches I have had.”

Danny Fowler

Coach of the Year - Danny Fowler

As the coach and coordinator of the Vikings MU Special Olympics Basketball team in Tacoma Washington. Danny Fowler not only coaches his team to athletic success but also supports them when needed in their everyday life. “Anytime athletes need something they can call Danny and he’ll go out of his way to give players a ride somewhere, purchase groceries, or even just provide advice.”

Jamar McKoy

Coach of the Year - Jamar McKoy

As the coach of the Hunter Huss Huskies Jamar McKoy hustles daily to bring his team success. In addition to supporting the football dreams of his team he also encourages them to help others, as his team built a home for Habitat for Humanity this past summer. Even further, for the first time this year, the Hunter Huss Huskies were undefeated until the final playoff game in state playoffs. What a legendary season!

John Bolton

The caption says it all! John Bolton is someone to be reckoned with. His team said ” as a coach he has made me a better athlete, and person. He is the main reason why I decided to become a coach myself.”

John Dowing

Coach of the Year - John Dowing

Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina Coach John Dowing has relentless support from his football team. One of his testimonials mentions how he has been a new spark of hope for the football program, showing interesting beyond coaching by acting not only as a coach but also a mentor and someone to reach out to in situations of strife. Coach Dowing is an amazing example of an all-around legendary coach!

Michael Hollywood McKinnon

Coach of the Year - Michael Hollywood McKinnon

Coaching youth is no small feat, yet Coach Hollywood makes it seem easy by how welcome he makes every boy on his team feel. We can gather through the multiple entries and heartfelt testimonials that Coach Hollywood is more than just a coach to many of those on his team, he has also become a member of their family and a role model for the growing boys. Amazing job Coach!


Pat Kenny

Coach of the Year - Pat Kenny

We truly believe this testimonial says it all…

Coach Pat is truly about making his players better people. he is very encouraging yet strict. He was a four-year college shortstop, so he has the experience and respect on the field. His goal is to get his kids to college, that for us is the biggest tong. In this day education is key and Coach Pat uses baseball to drive us towards that goal. He’s had over 65 collegiate signees in 6 seasons! Taking the field for Coach Pat is motivating and fun.”

Scott Beigel

Coach of the Year - Scott Beigel

A man who will be celebrated forever. He was a hero in more literal ways than most, putting his life on the line to save students. Coach Scott Beigel was the track coach at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida when the mass shooting occurred, he lost his life by saving many others. He will always and forever be legendary! Thank you, coach.

Tom Fritz

With Basketball in his bones, Tom Fritz coaches in Brick, New Jersey. Lovingly nominated by his son, he has been loved by the youth he has coached far past their tenure on the team. “He has taught me respect for the game, and my teammates and opponents, he has taught me that it is important to be a humble winner and how to be sportsmanlike if we lose.”

Paul McCord

Coach of the Year - Paul McCord

Coaching Women’s Lacrosse Paul McCord’s vision, expertise, entrepreneurial strength, and coaching acumen are a huge reason why JU women’s lacrosse has experienced the success it has according to his nominator. Welcome to the running coach, we wish you a legendary season!

Barbara Oliveria

Coach of the Year - Barbara Oliveria

As the new head coach for both Men’s and Women’s Tennis at Alcorn State University Barabara Oliveria is already making waves. In her native country of Brazil, Oliveira won several state and national tournaments in both singles and doubles while playing Juniors for Belo Horizonte. Oliveira was ranked No. 1 in the nation and No. 348 in the world in Juniors. She had a career-high women’s pro-WTA rank of 1069.

Missy Meharg

Coach of the Year - Missy Mehars

Missy Meharg from University of Maryland Field Hockey brought her team to championship ring victory this past season. Entering her 31st season as head coach she has brought many victories over the course of her tenure. That’s one legendary achievement Coach!

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