Legend Spotlight: Lance Franklin


Lance Franklin is a Key Forward who plays for the Sydney Swans of the Australian Football League (AFL). Throughout his 12 seasons in the AFL Franklin has become a modern-day Aussie Rules legend.

On the Field

Before signing with the Swans, Franklin played for the Hawthorn Hawk. He won 2 Premierships with the Hawks – once in 2008 and once in 2013. For those not familiar with Aussie Rules, think World Series, Super Bowl or Stanley Cup.

Along with the team awards, Franklin has amassed a hefty amount of individual accolades and impressive stats over his career. He’s a 3-time winner of the Coleman Medal (awarded to the player who kicks the most goals during a season), and currently in the running to win it a forth time. He’s also made the All Australia Team on 6 different occasions. Franklin is the last person to kick a 100-goal season (his 113 year in 2008) and has tallied more goals than anyone else since the turn of the century. That’s quite the resume.

His unique mix of stamina, size and speed is a lethal combination that makes him tough to defend against. In sport where talls are considered more valuable than smalls, Franklin stands out as one of the best key-position players in all of Aussie Rules.

Off the Field

 While performance is the ultimate measurability of an athlete, Franklin’s off-field activity also adds to his legendary status. Franklin is known off the grounds for openness about his battle with depression, helping to destigmatize the illness among professional athletes. To go beyond the play on the field and improve quality of life outside of your sport (especially talking about your own battles) is a truly admirably character trait.

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