Meet The Legacy Builders


If you’ve been lurking on the Legend Rings Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) you may have noticed that we have been taking some time to introduce you to the team! Legend Rings is truly a family, from the founders, to the team behind the scenes. We understand the importance your championship rings hold, so we thought we would introduce you to the team who will work with you to create your new prized possession:


We asked Sam a few questions, so you could get to know him better. Here are some of our favourite answers!

Why do you think championship rings are so important?
They bring teams together to celebrate an accomplishment. It’s an item that binds you and your teammates forever.
If you could design a ring for yourself, what would it look like?

My personal ring would incorporate all my favorite sports Basketball, Football and Hockey, my city (Edmonton) with Black Onyx finish and gold plated highlights throughout. And of course 5X!

What is the most interesting ring you have made? Why?

Henderson Motorsports. I found it interesting because of the overall design and uniqueness. We typically design rings for football etc. and this was for a racing team. We had the shape of the track on the face of the ring and their sponsor brands on the sides.


We asked TJ a few questions, so you could get to know him better. Here are some of our favourite answers!

How did you start working with Legend Rings?

I started working with Legend Rings through my best friend who works here. I was in awe after I saw one of the championship rings he had helped a customer design. I knew I had to be a part of something that creates something so memorable from the first view.

What is your most legendary sport moment?

Winning the Alberta cup up here in Canada. A major tournament when I was 14 years old. It still is an amazing memory.

Why do you think championship rings are so important?

It is a way to cement a Legacy, it proves you were part of an amazing moment and team. It is something that will always keep you together for a lifetime.



What is your most cherished possession?

Tough questions. If I had to pick a ‘possession’ it would be my wedding ring, for obvious reasons. Although if we’re stretching the meaning of ‘possession’ then I’m picking my dog, Koda, and my cat, Zelda. Hands down.

Why do you love working for Legend Rings?

Its super fun and unique. I get to connect with people across the world at a very happy time in their lives (post championship or as an award) and help them by producing something that means so much to them.

What is the most legendary professional or collegiate sport moment that you remember?

Might be a bit of a hometown answer here, but one of the legendary moments I remember was the Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup run in 2006. The face a 8th seeded team made it to the Cup finals. going up against another team (the Hurricanes) who people also wrote off in the early season was just incredible. Add in the fact that Cam Ward was a rookie goaltenders (from Sherwood Park, right outside of Edmonton) making the series thrilling to watch. Although the result wasn’t the one I wanted, it was still legendary Stanley Cup series that many people can vividly recall to this day.

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