New Year, New Coach: 3 Coaches Who Were Fired in 2018


Most people make their resolutions and get started on the first day of the year, however, these teams chose to not follow suit and shake it up before the year was over. What better way to shake up a team than to replace the person who runs it? A coach plays a massive role in the success of teams, and these coaches just weren’t making the cut in 2018. Instead of #newyearnewme, these three teams changed the hashtag to #newyearnewcoach.

Check out this list of Coaches who were fired in 2018:

Packers sent him Packing

Although Mike McCarthy holds the second longest tenure as coach with the Green Bay Packers, that didn’t hold him in his seat.  He was fired a few hours after a home loss to the Cardinals. Mike was a shining light for the Packers as he led the team to many victories in his 13-years as coach. Many find the number 13 as a bad omen, perhaps that’s why he was let go in his 13thseason with the team? Well, that bad omen… or perhaps the bad 4-7-1 record of the 2018 season… I guess we will never know. Read more about their decision here.

McLellan Misfired

It’s no surprise to anyone who follows the NHL that the Edmonton Oilers have been living in struggle city since the glory days in the late ’80s. Craig MacTavish (who was also fired three years later) reignited a flame in 2006 when the Oilers made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, yet failed to hit the home run in Game 7. The Oilers have been through 8 coaches in 10 years – adding another to the list in late 2018. McLellan got the boot in November 2018 soon being replaced by an Edmonton native Ken Hitchcock. However, a little birdy told us that he is still collecting his paycheck as he was on a contract that ends this year. It looks like Todd is starting his year off with a lot of money… and a lot of time. Read more about their decision here.

Quarrelsome Quenneville

Quenneville’s quarrelsome nature took the Chicago Blackhawks on an awe-worthy run. He returned the franchise to the top of the NHL after years and years of mediocre performance. It seems that wasn’t enough for the team named after the bird-of-prey. They threw coach Quenneville to the wolves at the end of 2018. The Blackhawks franchise stressed how much they respected what the past coach provided to the organization however their #newyearnewcoach resolution seemed to not align with both the coach and his assistants. Read more about the decision here.


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