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The Highest Paid Athletes In 5 Different Sports

By Eric | March 4, 2019

Have you ever walked into your favourite sporting event, looked around, and wondered how much it costs to run an event, or even league, of that grandeur? We have, and let us tell you… it’s astounding. Not only does the league cost money to upkeep, but so do the players… and these players specifically. We…


Athletes Turned Artists: 5 Athletes Who Became Famous For Something Other Than Sports

By Eric | February 22, 2019

The average career span for a professional athlete is a decade. Although some variance may occur, most of the time athletes are retired and looking for something to take up their time by their 30’s. Luckily for these five athletes, they discovered that they possessed a talent for more than just sports. These five athletes turned…

Football Stadium at Dusk

3 Super Bowl Fails That Have Nothing To Do With Football

By Eric | February 1, 2019

As Super Bowl LIII approaches we can’t help but step back and remember all the great, and not so great, Super Bowl memories. We could create a list of dropped passes, missed calls, and girlfriends (cough Giselle cough) calling out their man’s teammates post game. The fails we find the most entertaining are the ones that have…

Chess Boxing

Obscure Sports Leagues You’ve Never Heard Of

By Eric | January 16, 2019

It’s safe to say that we all appreciate the more ‘common’ sports in the 21st Century – Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, etc. However, there are many sports that are less known but still deserving of appreciation! It could even be possible that you are already a pro at an obscure sport you did not…


New Year, New Coach: 3 Coaches Who Were Fired in 2018

By Eric | December 31, 2018

Most people make their resolutions and get started on the first day of the year, however, these teams chose to not follow suit and shake it up before the year was over. What better way to shake up a team than to replace the person who runs it? A coach plays a massive role in…

Baseball Coach

Coach of the Year: Contest Information

By Eric | December 20, 2018

As the year comes to a close the Legend Rings Coach of the Year contest is starting to ramp up! Over the past month, we have received some amazing entries from so many different sports teams. Coaches ranging from Football to Baseball to Track, and even Cheerleading! Running a contest to appreciate the amazing coaches…

Championship Rings

The History of Championship Rings

By Eric | November 27, 2018

Let’s take a quick peek into the legendary history of championship rings.   They seem like they’ve been around forever… but little did we know Championship Rings are a relatively modern, but necessary, way of celebrating a big win. The First Championship Ring: Players in the early 20th Century were usually given mementos such as…

Football Coaches - Legend Rings

6 Legendary Coaches Who Weren’t Good As Players

By Eric | November 20, 2018

It’s a bit of a mystery why elite players often make terrible coaches. For whatever reason, they do – it’s quite the phenomenon. Two prime examples of this are Wayne Gretzky and Magic Johnson. While it might not be as obvious, this phenomenon works the other way too. There is a plethora of legendary coaches…

5 Highest Paid Athletes - Legend Rings

You’d Never Guess the Four (or more) Legged Invaders During These Sport Games!

By Eric | November 1, 2018

One can’t deny the presence of animal like people in sports – Usain Bolt is fast like a cheetah, Connor McDavid is as agile as a hawk. Yet these animal qualities are not the only furry friends making an appearance in sports, check out the five craziest animal encounters in sport games! It’s said Randy…

College Football Traditions

5 College Football Traditions You Need to See

By Eric | October 18, 2018

College football is rich in history and traditions. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have their famous “Play Like a Champion” sign that they all tap before heading out onto the field. The USC drum major stabs the field with his sword before every home game. Penn State hosts their annual “White Out” game where the…