The History of Championship Rings

Championship Rings

Let’s take a quick peek into the legendary history of championship rings.


They seem like they’ve been around forever… but little did we know Championship Rings are a relatively modern, but necessary, way of celebrating a big win.

The First Championship Ring:

Players in the early 20th Century were usually given mementos such as pocket watches, tie clips, or cufflinks to celebrate a successful season – Tommy Henrich even requested shotguns from the Yankees following World Series championships. Despite the seemingly useful nature of the other options, championship rings have stayed put and are used even for little league sports.


CBS Sports wrote an article on the first World Series ring – check it out here.

1922 World Series Ring


It is said that the first team to receive championship rings, as we know them today, were the players in the 1922 World Series where the New York Giants were victorious over the New York Yankees. However, the following year when the Yankees stole the title back they were given a pocket watch! It wasn’t until the 1930’s that championship rings became an ingrained tradition and the common way to celebrate wins.

Notable Championship Rings:

Now that championship rings have become the preferred memento to celebrate a victory by a variety of sports, the designs became more and more advanced and legendary! The Marlins World Series ring in 2003 contains 228 diamonds including a rare teal diamond in the Marlins mascot’s eye. Recently, the Warriors received the first ever reversible championship ring!


The National Baseball Hall of Fame website has an interactive version of the Marlins ring for you to check out here.


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