You’d Never Guess the Four (or more) Legged Invaders During These Sport Games!

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One can’t deny the presence of animal like people in sports – Usain Bolt is fast like a cheetah, Connor McDavid is as agile as a hawk. Yet these animal qualities are not the only furry friends making an appearance in sports, check out the five craziest animal encounters in sport games!

It’s said Randy Johnson throws flames when he pitches in Major League Baseball, yet on this one fateful day in March of 2001 he threw feathers instead when the ball hit a passing bird. The birds effort to get a closer look at Johnson 6’10 stance turned unfortunate ….

Many of balls are lost on golf courses, not everyone is as accurate as Dustin Johnson. Verber Golf Course in Switzerland may lose more balls than most due to the sly fox that steals them off the course. They say he has stolen over 100 balls…. We’re just wondering where he has them all stashed!

If you are familiar with the crazy antics of hockey fans, you must know about the infamous octopus toss at Detroit Red Wings Games. Originating in the 1952 Playoffs when the wings needed to win eight games to win the cup, the eight tentacles of the octopus proved to be a good omen. Make sure you come prepared the next time you attend a Red Wings playoff game with a slimy, squishy ocean dweller.

A friendly groundhog was 4 months too late when he looked for his shadow on a NASCAR track in early June 2016 when he held up a practice. Don’t worry little guy, winters over you can rest now!

If black cats are bad omens, how about a black bat? A college basketball game was interrupted when a bat woke from its slumber to invade the court. At least he taught us which basketball players are squeamish when getting chased by a ‘flying rat’.

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