Ring Care

Legend Rings believes jewelry care is an important part of keeping your jewelry’s long-lasting brilliance. All jewelry can be affected by normal wear & activities. Your Legend Rings jewelry comes with a Warranty.

To protect your jewelry from permanent damage, avoid contact with harsh acids. The effect of harsh acids on your jewelry is severe and permanent. Be sure to remove your jewelry before working with any harmful agents to protect your jewelry.

While wearing your jewelry, limit your exposure to chemicals (including the ones outlined below) as they can harm and break down the brilliance of precious metals and gems.


List of chemicals that can cause adverse effects to your jewelry

Antibacterial Soaps



Hand Sanitizers

Hair Care Products

Hand Creams

Rubbing Alcohol

Perfumes & Colognes

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your ring be sure to only use water.
Many soaps contain chemicals that will have adverse effects on your ring.


Place warm water in a bowl and have a soft cloth on hand.


Submerge your jewelry in the water and gently swish it around. Avoid using your fingernails as that can scratch the metal.


Remove the jewelry and rinse it with warm water. If the item is still dirty repeat STEP 2.


Grab your soft cloth and gently pat the jewelry until it is completely dry. Make sure all water is absorbed by the cloth.

Showing Off Your Jewelry

It is very important to keep your jewelry stored properly to keep it looking like new. Placing jewelry together will significantly increase the chances of it getting scratches.

Every Legend Rings Jewelry comes with a ring box free of charge. We recommend keeping your jewelry in its box when it isn't being worn.

Legend Rings also offers a Custom & Pro Display Case. These cases are made to show off your ring while still providing protection against outside elements. Made from wood and glass they are sure to be a talking point anytime they are seen. They also feature a custom plaque that features your personalized information. Our Pro Display Case features everything mentioned previously but also includes LED lights that will make your ring truly shine! Interested in ordering one for your ring? CONTACT US now and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Giving proper care for your Championship Rings and fine jewelry can be done by taking care of your jewelry, cleaning your jewelry, and storing or displaying within high-quality ring boxes and display cases.