12 of the best high school nicknames in America


When coming up with a nickname, some high schools go with the intimidation route (what would sound scary to play against in sports). Others name themselves after something local or historical. Some decide to go the unique route.

Those are our favourites.

While there’s nothing wrong with the Eagles, Tigers, Panthers, Bulldogs, Wildcats, Warriors, Lions, or Cougars (the top 8 used high school nicknames across America), we favor something memorable. Here is our list of the most memorable high school sports nicknames across America…

Galloping Ghosts

Abington Senior High School is located in Abington, Pennsylvania. Their mascot, the Galloping Ghost, is in honor of football legend Red Grange. The Galloping Ghosts are very good at chess – state champs for five straight years and compete at the national level. Notable alumni include former Heisman Trophy winner and Tennessee Titan, Eddie George.


Although there are a number of WWI and WWII referenced names, the Maryville High School Spoofhounds hailing from Maryville, Missouri take the prize for having one of the most original. Notable Spoofhounds alumni include famous motivational author Dale Carnegie.


The teams from Monroe High School in Monroe, Wisconsin go by the name of the Cheesemakers. The City of Monroe sits south of Madison, and just north of the Illinois border. Monroe is known as the Swiss Cheese capital of the USA, so the high school is fittingly named after the town and state’s most famous export. Notable alumni include Ric Mathias (former DB for the Cincinnati Bengals) and Ken Behring (former owner of the Seattle Seahawks).


St. Augustine Preparatory School is an all-male Roman Catholic school in Richland, New Jersey. Although their nickname might suggest differently, they have had some pretty talented team-sport teams throughout the years.


I know what you’re thinking – Leopards, that’s not original! We will agree with you there – as, by our count, the number of high schools in America that go by the nickname Leopards is in the double digits. But hear us out. We think that when your school’s name fluently combines with its nickname, you deserve bonus points. Sometimes this happens on purpose. We see you Fair Lawn Clippers (Fair Lawn, New Jersey). We see you Minneapolis North Polars (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Sometimes this happens by accident. We see you Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards. The school got its moniker decades before the band, but you have to appreciate the coincidence.


Both Man High School located in Man, West Virginia and Ozark High School in Ozark, Arkansas go by the nickname Hillbillies. Man’s version is a billygoat, Ozark’s version is a bearded man in purple overalls. Both are distinct.

Ugly Eagles

Eagles are one of the most popular school nicknames in America. Clayton Valley Charter High School in Concord, California decided to add something unique to their nickname by calling themselves the Ugly Eagles. We like the boldness.


I’ll wait for your arguments as to why the Fall Creek High School Crickets from Fall Creek, Wisconsin should not be included on this list. Crickets…

Little Johns

Some schools reference good deeds (numerous Volunteers for example), outlaws (numerous Outlaws for example) and underdogs (Clinton Dark Horses for example). There is only one Little Johns though – the Danville Little Johns from Danville, Arkansas.


You would figure only one school would sport Beetdiggers as their nickname but both Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah and Brush High School in Brush, Colorado are named after the vegetable harvesters. At Jordan High School, classes used to be cancelled back in the day for a two-week period so that students could assist in the harvest. Today, Jordan High School’s mascot is Digger Dan.


While there are a number of “makers” across the country (Boilermakers, Papermakers, Haymakers, and the Cheesemakers), one school stands out when it comes to making an impressive school nickname. Cairo High School in Cairo, Georgia is named after the syrup making plant that was once located in the city. Notable alumni of the Syrupmakers include Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety J.J. Wilcox as well as former NFLers Bobby Walden, David Ponder and Bill Stanfill.

Awesome Blossoms

Blooming Prairie High School in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota has one of the more unique team names and mascots in all of America – the Awesome Blossoms. What more can you say about it, it’s awesome!

Honourable mentions go to…

  • Central Cass High School (North Dakota) Squirrels
  • Timmonsville High School (South Carolina) Whirlwinds
  • Washington (Indiana) Hatchets
  • Oconomowoc High School (Wisconsin) Raccoons
  • West Plains (Missouri) Zizzers
  • Fordson High School (Michigan) Tractors
  • Greenwood Community High School (Indiana) Woodsmen
  • Big Piney High School (Wyoming) Punchers
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