Coach Of The Year: What Has Happened So Far!

Coach of The Year - Top 4


As we are in the midst of the first annual Legend Rings Coach Of The Year Contest, we can’t help but look back on all the amazing nominee’s, participants, and coaches who have been part of this madness!

Coach Of The Year -Beginnings

It all started on November 15th, 2018 when Legend Rings announced the first annual Coach Of The Year contest, where you could nominate your favourite coach to win a custom made championship ring AND a framed photo celebrating their legendary status. We felt it was so important to support and celebrate all those who make athletics possible. Let’s be honest – no legendary athlete would be where they are right now, without the support of their coaches!

When voting closed at the beginning of March 2019, the Legend Rings team had received hundreds of nominations. With the help of the honest, and passionate testimonials submitted with the nominations we were able to announce our Top 16! These Top 16 coaches were selected based on their merit, honour, and dedication to the sport and their athletes. If you’d like to read more about the Top 16 Coach Of the Year candidates, do so here.

We could tell you were excited to start supporting your favourite coach:

Voting Rounds:

So far in Coach Of The Year, you have voted on your Top 16, and Top 8 nominees! As the competition is increasing, and the tensions are growing the voting on the Top 4 is right ahead of us.


We heard your support for your coaches – over the first two voting rounds we received over 2000 Votes!

As we move forward in naming our Legend Rings Coach Of The Year 2019… we mustn’t forget what all those votes are working toward! This LEGENDARY custom championship ring.


Voting starts tomorrow on the Top 4 Coaches! Make sure to make your mark, and tell us who you are rooting for to have this Legendary Ring on their finger.

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