Obscure Sports Leagues You’ve Never Heard Of

Chess Boxing

It’s safe to say that we all appreciate the more ‘common’ sports in the 21st Century – Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, etc. However, there are many sports that are less known but still deserving of appreciation! It could even be possible that you are already a pro at an obscure sport you did not know existed.

Three Obscure Sports You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of:


Extreme Ironing Bureau

Have you ever dreamt of Ironing your favourite pair of pants on top of a mountain? In the ocean? On an Iceberg? If so, look no further! Extreme Ironing is for you. Starting in 1980 a man named Tony Hiam was inspired by his brothers’ odd ironing habits and decided that creating an activity that caused onlookers to gawk at its oddity was exactly how he wanted to be remembered. Today, Extreme Ironing has even morphed into bungee ironing. We don’t know about you, but something about adrenaline and well-pressed clothing is incredibly tempting. Where is the closest bungee jumping location? We will meet you there!

Lawn Mower Racing

It is seeming as common household chores turned into a sport is becoming a trend! If we can say so ourselves… making those tedious tasks more fun isn’t a bad idea. Imagine dirt bike racing on lawnmowers. Similar to Extreme Ironing this obscure sport had its start in England by a group of young men who were unhappy with the obnoxious cost associated with getting involved in motorsports. Now one of the least expensive motorsports in the world it has made it over the pond as the United States has an official Lawn Mower Racing Association. Don’t worry, the blades are removed for safety.

Chess Boxing

Looking for a sport that combines both brains and brawn? Well look no further, Chess Boxing is for you! Alternating rounds between the ultimate game of strategy and test of strength are sure to thrill a wide array of onlookers. Originally started as a form of art, the obscure combination of events has morphed into a competitive sport. Consisting of eleven rounds (six chess and five boxing) a win in any round of either of the activities results in a win for the entire match! It seems all these obscure sports have found their origins across the pond, as this was started in the Netherlands by a Dutch performance artist. The competitors in this event surely deserve championship rings on their fingers!


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